Exploring the Pokomoke Scenic River


I came to explore and photograph the river but the battery in my DSLR was completely dead and I had to rely on my iPhone to document the trip. Regardless of the fact, photos cannot do justice to the beauty and magic of this place.

– Barry, the owner of the Pocomoke River Canoe Company in Snow Hill, Maryland, dropped me off at the Porter’s Crossing Road bridge.

– The river is famous for its bald cypress trees.

– The upper portion of the river is narrow and shaded.

– There is a lot of wildlife in and around this river. I spotted a pair of bald eagles nesting in the crown of this loblolly pine.

– Obstacles along the way were part of the fun of this trip.

– A swallowtail butterfly.

– Slightly past the halfway point, I found a small beach for taking a break. There was a small, clear spring feeding the river here.

– I spotted many painted turtles and banded water snakes along the way.

– My trip ended back in Snow Hill at the Pocomoke River Canoe Company boathouse.


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